Why are girls so complicated?

So I liked this girl and ik she liked me too and we were a thing and when I finnaly asked her out things were great our friends thought we were so cute and I felt like I loved her and felt like she did too. when my friends told me she would talk about me and how we were hanging out i felt really happy and her really good friend would tell me how she really liked me like really liked me. but then somethjng bad happen which changed her and made her seem different thought text and sometimes in person. she started to avoid me or at least I felt like she did. She once admired to she said she was stressed out. i felt like I was the only one trying in the relationship. so I decided to talk to her and try working things out or break up with her. i told her I wanted the best for her so i let her decide and after she figured out what she wanted she said she wanted time because she felt as she was different her self becaus of what was happening and i told her I would be here for her to help her but I don't promise anything about getting back i told her my feelings might change and she said just don't hate me and i said I wouldnt. but now when I see her with this one guy I get so jealous and don't now what to do like I want her with me but don't know if she still likes me it hasent been a while since we broke up but once I got annoyed with her and just wanted to annoy her I don't know why. ans now I want her back but don't know what to do I need help what should I do. i Honestly don't know why I'm writing this but I need help pls help


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  • It is actually very simple, she was being petty and maybe she did have some things going on with her but if I were a guy and my girlfriend acted like that, i would not waste my time on her. She either changed her mind about liking you after you guys started dating or just did it because someone finally asked her out. Girls are all different but she obviously didn't like you enough to try and make it work. I'm sorry.


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  • Because they are foreign to us.
    Girls think we are complicated, do we think we are? no. They think the same thing.

    In essence many people are alike, just get inside their heads.


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