Does my ex still have feelings for me? Should I pull away?

Me and my ex have been broken up for 4 years! We actually became best friends after the break up! But now that I have a bf... He asks how we are doing but doesn't seem enthusiastic about it.. He tells me : "As long as your happy...". Everytime I look crappy (not fishing for compliments here) but he tells me "You look great" and everytime he sees me, he looks so happy!! He face lights up and he blushes. Am I looking too much into this? I just want to know whether I should pull away or not. Because I don't want it to start problems in my current relationship!


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  • Ah, its funny how an ex shows interest when you have a new bf.
    Now he is showing an interest but you are occupied. Well thats unfortunate for him. He must chase. He is chasing. He will have to watch you and your new bf.
    He snoozed.


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  • keywords:
    "current relationship"
    "broken up for 4 years"
    feelings never really leave for ex's.. especially if you stay around them, thats why most people just cut them off completely...
    next time you get a compliment, just say "thanks" but think of your current relationship. remember he is your EX.


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  • Why you do even care in the first place? The fact that you are wondering about your ex and his feelings makes me think you still care for him too deep down or otherwise you wouldn't be pondering about this situation so greatly. I think you are looking too much into this and should back away. He's your ex and in the past. Wondering about his romantic feelings should be irrelevant to you as you already have someone in your life who has replaced him and those feelings. You should pull away in my opinion because this situation sounds very unhealthy and unbalanced.


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