Focus on work through break up?

Hi girls, this is a question for you.

After my ex broke it up with me, she has put her personal life to the ekstreeme. Not only does she have school for 35 hours a week, + homework, but she has also taken up not 1 but 2 jobs. This gives her 35 hours of work evey week, + whatever ekstra shifts she can get. She also hits the gym for at least 1.5 hour every day...
IF she finally doe have one evening to herself she makes sure to make plans with friends to go out and have fun...

It seems to me like she is trying to keep herself as busy and stressed as possible to hide any kind of feelings or grief/sadness from the breakup...

Have any of you girls done the same to move on from a break up? And if so, here is the big question:
Do you really remove the bad feelings from the break up, or will they hit you at a later date?


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  • Yes keeping busy is the key! I looked into getting a 2nd job a few weeks bk just to stay busy.


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