He moved on, didn't he? I can't move on...And what should I do?

I'm sorry this is long, but I seriously need an answer. Okay so uhm, where do I begin?
There's this guy.. (About 3 years ago) Both of us basically liked each other, he wanted a relationship but I was immature back then and I wasn't ready. My friend got in between us and embarrassing things happened. We stopped talking, for like, 2 years and a couple if months, but I never really got over him.
But you know pride and all, plus I couldn't talk to him due to the embarrassing things that I would rather keep to myself.
he used to pop up everywhere, and wherever I go, he's there. Maybe because he's the son of my mom's childhood best friend? And maybe we have over 6879 friends in common? Yeah it sucks.
So anyways once I've met him, because he was saying hi to my friend. So we greeted each other and all, and I was blushing so hard. (It was the first time we speak after not talking for 2 years)
A couple of days later, he sent something to my friend (the one who got between us to 'fix things' but ended up messing things up more) and she talked to him normally, So she mentioned the encounter we had and they talked for a while about me, and that kind of motivated me to speak to him, and so I did. I texted him and we talked, it was so awkward but I was happy that he was trying to make an effort and text me and stuffs.
We started talking but not like before, it became less and less until he did something..
He texted me one day telling me his friend wants my number. And that kind of hurt me y'know? And so I told him not to give him, but his friend texted me and started talking to me which I ignored and eventually blocked him. My crush said he's sorry and that the guy took it. Anyways that's not important, we stopped talking after that.
I see him out, but we don't greet each other.
we spoke 1 time, it was brief and he was normal.
He saw me out with my guy bff and he ignored me, then the next day I sent a "bc" to all of my contacts and he replied very harshly.
He moved on, didn't he? And what should I do? I can't move on, obv.


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  • "And maybe we have over 6879 friends in common? Yeah it sucks."

    Uhh... I'm gonna hope that's a typo.

    Honestly if you're under 18 now, and he wanted a relationship three years ago, that's really early. It was a good idea for you to reject that.

    "I can't move on, obv." Anybody can move on, it's whether you let yourself do it or not. So let yourself move on.

    • Hahha, I'm 17, and yes that was a typo. I just meant that we have A L O T of mutual friends.
      And hopefully I will let myself move on. As there's no use to holding on anymore.
      Thank you.

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  • With the sad news I am reading and what the final outcome that doesn't have to be etched in stone here, sweetie, he has 'Moved on' and proved his not so sweet proof in the pudding when he passed the 'Buck' to his bud by Giving out your number, just to let himself off the hook and you both Could------Move on.
    He's not worth it, he is a traitor. He should have been an honest John in telling you exactly what he wanted and how he felt but he betrayed you in the end.
    Move on, lick your war wounds and consider him a loser with no scruples and a cold footed duck still wet behind the ears... he is now a fair weather friend.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you so much, and yes you are right.
      Clearly, he did move on.
      And hopefully I'll do the same!

    • Lick your wounds and consider this a little lesson in love that there are all kinds out there... You are so welcome, cheer up, someone is more deserving out there... xxoo

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  • That's rough. I'm sorry to say that he moved on. Boys can be so stupid! he's the immature one btw. He's not worth your time. You deserve someone who loves you as much as you love them. Don't think about him. Think about how little he cares about your feelings, so why should you care about him? He's a jerk. He should've told you how he felt. it's hard to get over a guy, but if you somehow find an easy way, share please. My strategy usually takes a couple weeks. It consists of me thinking how I'm so out of his league; I can do better. Keep your eyes open for other guys. Don't be afraid to cry if it makes you feel better. Don't think about the what ifs.

    • Thank you! And yeah, I've always thought about the "what its" that what made me hold on.
      And you're right, I can do better.
      Thank you again.

    • I have too, but you finally learn your lesson. You're welcome. I hope all goes well.

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