How do I deal with knowing that a girl I love will never love me back again?

So recently a girl just told me we can never be together and that she won't have feelings towards me. We did date for awhile then we broke it off for a bit and ever since then we've just been friends. I always thought that me and her could maybe try again but she made it clear that me and her will never be a thing. We broke up on good terms, it was no ones fault so I always thought maybe one day me and her could get back together.

So my question is how do I deal with it? I am kind of broken at the moment and I don't really know what to do or say to her. How can I get over it? Have any of you guys had to deal with this?


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  • Yes, it happens to us all. The only way to deal with this is to tell her you don't want to be her 'friend' you want more or nothing. This is to ease your pain that you are feeling now.
    Then get out there and ask girls on dates. They dont have to be special girls, just socialise and do that to gain practice is asking girls and being rejected (but that does not matter) the ones that accept may be better than you think. But just have one or two dates and then ask another girl.
    All this gives you confidence, makes you realise that rejection is not such a big deal and makes you look more attractive to ALL women. Get out there and learn boy.


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  • first of all, you are under 18, wait till after the age of 21 and see if she gains weight and her looks fade
    second, i would call her up and say that you are glad things didn't work out, that you want to be friends, and that you don't think she could have handled you anyways, or kept up with you, say this with a smile and laugh.
    third, find another chick to date and invite girl in your gag question as a friend to a place both you and new chick will be at, flirt with new chick infront of girl in gag question to invoke jealousy.
    fourth, flirt with gag question girl's female friends and hook up with them one by one

    • I don't agree with using other people to invoke jealousy. This is messing with another person and eventually you just look a tool to everybody. It is best to just turn your back and get a life. See other girls and try not to think about the first girl. It will be the making of you and maybe you will find that you are a fun guy that all the girls want. One that does not play games with two girls at once.

    • not exactly jealousy per se, but women hold each others' opinions in high esteem, seeing him being wanted by other women will arouse her interest level.

  • What you need is to meet a new girl. That will bring you back up in no time.


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