How do I deal with seeing my ex guy bestfriend and ex boyfriend everyday (we broke up yesterday)?

Ok well the title kind of explains it all but me and this guy were kind of dating kind of not but we talked about if we wanted to kiss and I almost ended up kissing him and the other day he asked me a creepy and percerted question and so I texted him and asked him to lose my number and he understood but now I have to see him at school and swim practice every day (we swim in the same lane)


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  • It's over, it's done with, nothing much to say or do in a case where it just went dead in the water before it really got to the point Of-----Stroking of any kind.
    Be nonchalant, be civil if he speaks to you. Pretend it doesn't bother you for you don't want to look like the sore sport in this case of the bottom blues. And who knows... if you both just put it behind you, you may end up just letting bygones be bygones, gg...
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks this helps!

    • Oh, so welcome and happy to see you can get back into the swing of things and Back into the water with no woes, sweetie.:)) xx

    • Thanks, gg, for allowing me to lend a helping hand.. xxoo

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