He said, he would feel bad for our kid, because it would be bullied... Should we continue to date if he feels this way?

Both of our ethnic back grounds are minorities. Mexican and Black. We'e both seen and been through some crap. I get that he doesn't want his kid to go through that, but if he feels that way why date me? I feel like I am just here to pass the time after he said that. I'm not going to lie the same thought has crossed my mind, but I ultimately came to the decision that no matter what I will give my child my heart. I may not be able to to totally understand what mixed raced children go through, but I know they would be accepted by my family. His family is small, but they never had anything negative to say about our relationship. Sometimes I just go shopping with his parents or go out with his sister. I'm even cool with his younger brother. His brother has a half vietnamese half mexican child. She's learning both sides of her culture. I just feel like shit after he said that, even though he claims to love me. My heart hurts so much over this. I don't think we should be together anymore if that is how he feels.


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  • Ethnic background isn't generally the cause of bullying, so stop worrying about it. Worry more about your feelings for each other, your ability to overcome the cultural gap, as his brother has done. Talk up his brother's courage in having a mixed child.

    • Getting him to see that is the problem. :/

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