So I live with my ex boyfriend of 3.5 years. What is going on here?

So I live with my ex, and we both just started school. Neither of us can move out because we're on a lease and live in a city 2 hours from our hometown. He broke up with me a couple weeks after we moved in together during a fight. He bottles up his feelings and I guess it all erupted then. For the first couple of weeks he wouldn't talk to me and was really miserable all the time. Then I started going out and trying to avoid the apartment. Once that started he started being nice and wanting me around him. Now it's like we're still a couple. We do everything together, go on 'dates' (but don't call them dates), hangout, he sleeps in my bed (even though we live in a 2 bedroom apartment), he's 'physical' more now (pulling me onto his lap, hugging me, playfully tickling me etc), and everything seems great between us.
I know what I did wrong, and I know he's scared of getting into a relationship with me again because he doesn't want me to nag him and be a bitch all the time. But I want to create a new relationship. I agree our last relationship wasn't the best, but I know we could make us work. We've planned out 'forever' and wanted to marry each other. So I'm not sure what to do. He thinks we get along better like this, and I know he's scared to be nagged by me, but I'm changing and this break up has been a reality check of some sorts. Any advice? What should I do? Does he still have feelings for me?


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  • So you move in to a place together and you knew things weren't going well but you did still it and broke up in 2 weeks? That wasn't the best idea either. Anyways clearly he still wants to be with you.

  • Lol, I suggest one of you move out, at least for a couple of weeks, maybe one of you can stay with a friend.. just to get the feeling for what a real break-up would be like.

    Re-evaluate together after being separated for a while!

    • There's literally nowhere we can go. All of our friends live in residence so it's difficult to stay there often enough.

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