Would you move away to start a fresh new life if things were going ok, but you felt lonely?

Realistic answers please!! If you just bought a house with good amount of property/acres, recently became single not in a relationship anymore.. unattached (maybe recently divorced or no longer engaged), make good steady income.. BUT maybe feeling kind of sad about your prior relatinship (s) or felt lonely would you look for employment out of state or in another country? Would you actually try to leave to start a new life?


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  • Two thoughts on this. Some say if you can't be happy where you are you can't be happy anywhere. The other thought is nothing wrong with it. I've considered moving to a different state myself because of the climate and the outdoor recreation that isn't available in the state I'm in.

    • Hmm I see, interesting phrase on happiness btw. But would you actually do it? Noticed you said considered, were you ready to plan and execute, or maybe you have already done it?

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    • Want to move to New Mexico with me?

    • Hahaha sure let's run away to New Mx ;)

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  • My former boss did this, he literally moved from the east of coast of usa to the west coast of usa. He ended up back on the east coast, but loved the move, forgot about his previous relationship, met some great people, and got some experience in his field through the people and places he worked (he is a chef).

    • Thats AMAZING :) he sounds pretty accomplished

    • He's a real cool and laid back guy who is a great chef and has some funny stories

  • hmm maybe, but i srsly dont know where i would go.

    • Lol I've thought the same.. sometimes I fantasize about newyork but then I remember what Roger from American dad said.. its kinda a place you decide to go to when your loaded or super broke. Hahaha

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