Why are some people trying to get back with there EX's?

haven't you learned your mistake and rather then trying to go back to the person, you just look back and realise that you at least learned that you now know what you dont want to have in a future relationship? Or dosent people learn from there mistakes? or are they just desperatly in love with the though off being loved?


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  • The way u are seeing is totally different then how it really is.. The same thing happend with me when I broke up with my X we had time apart and meet other ppl.. But still nothing felt the same as when we were together and when we came back with each other both of us had the chance to appreciate other more from other people we meet and both of us just grow a bit

    • i dont give a shit about you and your ex. im seeing things excatly how they are.

    • I agree with you. Actually I think I am in the same shoes right now. My ex broke up with me out of the blue when everything worked perfect in our relationship (maybe it was fear on his side). He didn't give me an reason why and just came up with stupid excuses when I asked. Now he is with someone else, but we started meeting regularly again. He blurted out the other day that breaking up with me made him realize that he wants a woman like I am. I asked again why we broke up then, told him that he never gave me any exact reasons. He came up with a lame excuse again (there was no energy - which is not true) and I know that soon he will also realize that if he wants someone like I am he will only find that person in me.

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  • Sometimes when we love, we become blind. We are willing to ignore the person's mistakes and shortcomings. We get back with our ex because the love that we feel for them is still there because feelings can't go away that easily. I remember when my ex cheated on me, I still chose to believe all his lies that he wasn't really cheating even though it's really obvious that he is! It's because I love him too much that I became so stupid. Sometimes we try to get back with our ex because we are hoping that we can fix things and it would be better the second time around. Until reality slaps us in the face and makes us remember why we decided to break up with them on the first place.


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  • Of course you shouldn't go back to your ex but you can't just erase a relationship like that or feelings. No matter what your heads thing, the heart sometimes think differently and you can't control that.


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