What does it mean when I give back her stuff?

I want to know what does it mean to me and to her, when i give back her stuff.

She broke up with me months ago and she recently said things that hurt, like that she made a mistake but she doesn't want to make me think that she wants to come back.. but then she says she misses me... I mean she started to really confuse me, and iam tired of getting hurt again after not contacting/ignoring her and now getting mixed signals?

so I just replied to her long text, saying (this is the end and goodluck.)

And now I just found myself wanting to send back her stuff, and I'am. what does this mean, not wanting to hear from her again, closure.. ? still angry pissed though.


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What Girls Said 1

  • She's lonely and wants attention. She doesn't deserve your attention. Send her stuff, and that will also send a clear message that you want her gone from your life.

    • Maybe she's not lonely, but scared to loose me, cause I don't think I ever treated her any bad and always stood by herside, but yes I don't deserve any of that, and I hope that's the message she will get.

What Guys Said 1

  • It's possible for someone to miss you and yet not want to be with you. I'd give her back her stuff, and go back to no-contact.

    • Yes that is what am going to do, but don't they understand, that this is a selfish move?

    • Even without the intention of hurting?

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