Girlfriend broke up with me over lies?

Hey guys!
My girlfriend has recently broke up with me over me lying about speaking to my ex.

My ex messaged me a few months back and i replied to her. It was nothing sinister as i would never cheat.. and i love my girlfriend very much. But I didn't tell my girlfirend even though she had asked if my ex was in contact with me. I knew if i told her she would have went nuts so i felt it was easier just to say no. My girlfriend has some insecurites and has been cheated on before in a prevoius relationship.

Fast forward to now and my girlfriend has broken up with me! saying I've lied and she can never trust me again etc...

I really want her back and i really want to make this work because i would never do anything to intentionally hurt her. I would do anything for her and have done everything for her that she's needed.

what i need to know is... Can i salvage this? and how can i go about it?

Thanks alot! its still very raw at the minute as the breakup was yesterday but i really want her back.


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  • Produce the email and show it to her. See if she'll believe you.

    • I dont have the mail anymore... I deleted it because my girlfriend may have looked and seen it... and i didn't want her to ever think i would do anything to hurt her.

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    • I totally agree.. She can be a bit controlling and possessive i suppose! Thank you for your opinion... I dont know how i play this out though in trying to rebuild my relationship?

    • I say you just admit your mistakes, promise to not ever lie to her in the future and ask if she'd consider getting back together.

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  • Maybe tell your ex about it so she can email u back and let your gf read it? She would have no reason to lie right? U guys were just chatting? Then tell your gf u promise to cut off all contact after that

    • I dont even think my girlfriend would entertain me talking to my ex ever again... the thing is my ex is engaged to be married so it was such an innocent conversation.. but my girlfriend has been hurt in relationships in the past with infidelity so she now claims im just like the other guys

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