My ex is nervous around me, why?

My ex boyfriend of 3 years and I broke up over two months ago. He initiated it, although it was pretty much mutual. We've spoken three times since the break up as we work in the same building.

The last time we spoke (yesterday) it started due to work-related conversation which was normal and friendly, although it turned to small talk to avoid standing in silence whilst I got him to fill out a form for me. He completely shut down on me and was very nervous, I asked him questions about his recent holiday and how he was, and got short responses back. I know what he's like and he had no idea what to say to me because he was nervous.

Why would he behave this way? I thought he was doing fine, I've heard from mutual friends that he's going out again and meeting girls. I'm confused as to why my presence would make him act completely weird when I thought that he's fine...


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What Guys Said 1

  • he's suffering from break-up-nia lol... having to run into an ex brings up feelings whether you want them to or not. the expression of those feelings on the other hand differ from person to person. you were able to handle your emotions, he wasn't. he expressed his feelings then, and here you are, expressing yours now. its nothing to worry about, its just a phase.


What Girls Said 1

  • Because seeing your ex is awkward, when you see your ex you don't know how to act. If you talk too much you might send mixed signals and the other might think you are still interested. He was just being careful what to share and how to act.


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