How to get rid of feelings for an ex?

It hurts so bad to know that he lied to me. But I can't help but think of all the good times we had.

I want to be done with him emotionally. I don't see him at all I cut off all contact. But it hurts. I have forgiven him. I let it go. I can talk about it peacefully to others but when I am alone I just cry sometimes.

I Keep myself busy all the time. I am in school full time (even saturdays lol) I have a full time job I exercise.

I pray about it too. All the time. I just want to know what will be the next step.
  • Give it time
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  • Meet someone new
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  • continue to pray on it
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  • Sit and have a talk with him
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  • I was gonna suggest keeping yourself busy but you're already doing that which is great. So giving it time (A) is the best option for you. I don't recommend meeting someone new because you're likely to be that "date that talks about her ex" and that's a sure fire way to send the new date running like hell.


Most Helpful Girl

  • in general time does it best but if you wanna be quick then go to him, pick a hell of a fight with him that turns into a war and end up losing the war, not only does it work fast, it would every little bit of you will be crushed into a million pieces and would hate him from the bottom of your heart for eternity (or long enough to forget him)

    actually may that isn't such a good idea especially for those with a weak heart/mind/soul.. scratch that..


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  • Its good you cut off contact , thats a start. Just try and keep busy, maybe take up a hobby.

  • I feel that time does the most healing.


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