Me and my ex ended up sleeping together again, I don't want to get back with her she wants me back, how do I break it to her?

Ok so bascially me and my ex broke up 3 months ago, we was together on and off for around 2 years, she broke up with me around 3 times during the 2 years because she didn't think i would match her standards in the future and be rich and sucessful we are both 21 and at university and i am studying to be a lawyer. Basically she has dumped me repeatedly because she thinks i will end up as a loser, anyway she breaks up with me i move on, each time she comes back begging to get back with me though, each time i've given in.

Anyway fast forward to this time i feel like i have totally moved on, she kept messaging me saying she was addicted to me and how she needs to talk to me when she feels low me probably naively tried to speak to her and be a friend and talk to her, eventhough i guess and ex isn't a good friend really. Anyway she invites me over to have pizza with her when she was feeling all down and depressed i had reservations about going but thought nothing would happen, long story short we had sex. Anyway since then we still speak but not as often and we haven't slept with eachother but she tells me she misses me etc, now i don't want to get back with her i mean she's dumped me 3 times because she thinks i will end up as a loser. What exactly do i have to gain other than headaches by getting back with her.

How should i about telling her that i've moved on and that i don't want to be with her but i want to be a friend to her?


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  • tell her exactly what you're telling us here.
    Okay you may not come off as extremely nice, but clearly ask her "Why do you want me back?" you've broken up with me 3 times in 2 years. How is that loving someone? "
    and if she says you were selfish using her for sex etc, then tell her you're sorry it turned out that way but she clearly is the most selfish throwing you out and then thinking you'd run back to her.


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  • Well if you didn't want to get back together, having sex with her was kind of sending the wrong message.


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  • Stop having sex with her. Tell her exactly how you feel. Maybe you can be friends in the future but if she's addicted to you being friends now seems impossible. Distance yourself from her and force her to go cold turkey.


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  • You're studying to be a lawyer and she thinks you're a loser? Did we enter the twilight zone? Run away, dude.


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