Do you think she was trying to get back at me and make me jealous?

so I ran into an ex gf / female friend on the weekend at a Halloween party at a bar I go to. I hadn't seen her in 2 months and was surprised to see her at that bar as she doesn't even live in that city but anyways we talked for a bit and did some drinks and hung out. and everything seemed fine and like it was before when we got along , she even said she liked being friends with me and took a picture of us. but then things got weird later in the night ,

but then she like drifted away and was 2 different guys she hung out with/danced with and it didn't appear she even knew either of them at all. one she sort of made out with and let him touch her butt and other guy she made it look like she was leaving with him , only she just went outside to try and find a taxi and couldn't so they just hung out there and then he left by himself. and there was also another guy outside the bar she hung out with as well. eventually I just left and have no idea if she went home with a guy or not and haven't heard from her since

I didn't understand why she did this as I though things went well but maybe she left more bitter than I realised and she did this to try and get back at me as she though I had been hitting on other girls this summer
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  • She was probably just enjoying being single

    • not sure as apparently she is seeing someone from her school or started to not long ago , he wasn't there that night

    • Okay well then she's just enjoying herself

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