How to get over that one guy?

So there was this guy that I had a thing with for like two months and I thought it was all good. Last weekend we went to the corn maze together but ever since he hasn't talked to me. How do I get rid of the pain? How do I get over him? How can I get him out of my life?


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  • Just let it go. You're still young and it won't even matter soon enough. I didn't meet the guy I'm dating until after I graduated high school. High school boys are mostly just into hanging with the guys and having fun so just let it go if you're not satisfied! No big deal!


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  • what happened that makes you want to "get over" him? it hasn't even been a week.

    • He keeps telling his friends lies. He hasn't talk to me in over a week. He's flirting with other girls already. He literally ignores me and ttys to distance himself from me, but the hard part is that we have several classes together so he can't really.

    • i thought you said you had a thing... not that you were dating.

  • you don`t but eventually you have to...

    People tend to shift, it`s something I an breaking my brains upon... it`s interesting how one day you want something then you don`t and then you want it once again, talking about the same thing only from a different angle or perspective, outwaying the pro`s and cons...

    Getting rid of the pain is not smart, don`t ignore or run from it you must confront it and it will go faster to get rid of... getting over a person takes time and getting him out of your life, close the chapter and open a new one starring you alone this time.


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