Getting over someone. . what is the best way?

so I have decided to let go. I am unhappy and I have decided to quit from this unhealthy relationship with him. it would be hard to break up with him so I will just stop thinking about him or talking to him I will simply quit. I just want to know how to get over him. shall I live for a while alone grief and cry and let it all out. or shall I find something to distract me from my pain and not think about him


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  • some of my tips to get over a crush or any guy you have feelings for are:
    1. talk to someone about how you feel
    2. keep yourself busy so you dont even have to think of him
    3. hang out with friends
    4. getting rid of all those photos, gifts etc. that he has given you
    5. avoid all contact with him
    6. if you really need to cry about it then like cry because it is hard forgetting someone and well bottling up your emotions won't help much so let the emotions flow slowly out.
    7. take up a new hobby, sport etc.
    8. make yourself think that he wasn't worth it and that there are better guys.
    9. keep telling yourself about all the bad things about him
    10. go outside and get some air occasionally


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  • Get another one , or become self-dependent and give time to your skills and your hobbies , let guys approach you,

    • guys approach me but I always turn them down. I thought about getting new one but this won't be right I don't want to have someone to forget sb else

    • Sometime , its better to do what is needed then what is good.

  • I would go for both, just do it all first the tears and waterfalls and once you get that out of your beautiful body, go for the filler in. discover, play, love and enjoy your life to the max once again. `don`t let the bastards get you down`

    • my beautiful body. . Thanks I really do appreciate it

    • You`re welcome ^^

  • "shall I find something to distract me from my pain and not think about him" if that SOMETHING refers to some other person. don't ever do this.
    My Ex used Me to get over her Ex. (XD a bit complicated, I know) I'm a emotional kind of a guy, I loved Her a lot. So it hurted Me.
    Try doing something that isn't related to him. Go out with Your friends, party, get drunk (best one XD), work on some of Your hobby.

    • Well yeah I thought of doing sth like join a club.. painting.. music... etc. I would never think of sb else I don't want to be with sb and think if sb else. ... Thanks

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  • finding someone new to crush on, basically. if you don't have that it's difficult. Which is unhealthy though...

    Besides staying busy I can't think of anything. You just kinda ride it out

  • Keep yourself fully occupied

  • Crying your heart over him helps.


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