I'm going to love this girl, How to avoid this and break up before fall in love?

This girl I'm dating for six months is really nice and I think I will fall in love with her if we continue or maybe I fell in love already.
How to break up with her while everything is fun and we enjoy time together.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Why don't you want to fall in love? Falling in love makes the relationship more fun.

    • I'm not dare enough to face the love.

    • Why not? There's nothing to be afraid of, honestly. Are you afraid of the commitment?

    • Yes commitment and responsibility.

Most Helpful Guy

  • why don't you want to fall in love? why did you start dating her if it wasn't to reach the exact point you are at?

    • Its complicated I'm afraid of love.

    • you shouldn't date if you have a fear of commitment. NOT unless you are going to work on pushing through those fears. I think this is a good situation to try and work through that fear of commitment. you can't push people away forever

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What Girls Said 1

  • Why do you want to leave her?

    • I was in love before and after all nothing left but a broken heart for me.

    • That's what happens, humans love and lose. Your fear of abandonment is keeping you from fulfilling a crucial part of your life. Maybe this girl will be your last love and you guys could last. I would say, if you don't see a future with her AT ALL, and you don't love her, leave her. However, love is a risky jump to take, I understand, but you can't keep your fear of losing people from holding you back. You don't want to let the one you love get away!

What Guys Said 2

  • Wait... WHAT?

    Why do you NOT want to fall in love?

    • Love is something that I can't handle.

  • Smart dude. Don't fall in love, ruins relationships. It's ok if the girl does though.

    Just let her know you've really enjoyed her company, you think she's a great girl, but you aren't ready for a serious relationship and you see your lives heading in different directions.


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