Did he stopped loving me OR what?

he was my best friend and when he admitted that he loves me we started to date and everything he did showed me that he loves me as i do, he even told his mom about us.. and as all the couples we had problems all over the year but we were solving it and back to each other. but this summer it happened a very serious problem with my mom because of him. my mother don't allowed for me to talk with him or see him; so he stopped texting me and he just said "i'm sorry i caused this problem to you... you should move on with another one because i'm not good enough for you... you're unique and lovely and beautiful and i don't deserve you..."
so this year i moved to the high school he belongs to just to be closer and now he's not talking to me. he pretends like he doesn't know me, by the way my mother doesn't know that he studies in this high school. i don't know what to do or what thinks of or what he's planning to do?


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  • I would not trust this guy. to me his behaviour shows a lack of real love for you. He said all the right things at the beginning and to be honest seems that either he got what he wanted and bailed or he didn't get what he wanted and gave up.

    Either way the fact he is totally blanking you now says more than anything. You are probably better of without him and finding someone that deserves you

    • i really loved him and his my first love. i thought he loves me back and i gave my all in this love and now it's hard for me to forget and move on even if there's another guys who waited me but it's just hard but i'll not lose my pride and i'll try to move on :(

    • Heart break for the first time is very hard and it will hurt. You are absolutely right, do not lose your pride, be strong and show that this has not affected you.

      You deserve someone better and as much as it hurts now it will pass, the old cliche saying "that time heals all wounds" is true.

      Keep your head up and be strong :-)

    • thank you guys so much for your opinions it really helped me and i'm gonna be stronger more then i've ever been, even if i love him so much and i'm ready to die for him but i also don't agree to be with someone who doesn't feel the same way about me that's why i'll try to move on and i'll never be the weak girl down on her knees for her lover :( :( i'll try :( i'll just try to deal with pain
      he hurted me a lot but i've always loved him and i hope i'll find someone else who treat me like i expect from him to do
      i'm just a simple girl who falls in love once in her entier life and when i love i give my all and i just want from someone to love me as i do

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  • Based on your description of events, I would say that he is over it. I think the whole problem with your mother kind of drew him away and out of the relationship equation. Has he talked to you or acknowleged your presence at the school? If not, or has not made an attempt to talk to you, it is over. I'm sorry :(

    • i tried to talk with him twice in his classroom he talked to me super normal but he said that he doesn't want us to talk in high school then i stopped talking to him. the thing is that all of his close friends (that i don't know) they know me everytime i see him with some of his dude i found them looking at me and i don't understand anything

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