How do you act like you've moved on?

So my ex boyfriend probably thinks I'm still not over him which I am.
But I need tips on what to do even on Twitter and if I see him around or in general! I've stopped talking to him! He probably got the message by now!
But I want it loud and clear so he never bothers me again!
He Is in a rebound relationship. Now for 3 months he is expecting me to always stick around! But I haven't talked to him ever since he got into it after our break up!


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  • Block his page, why do you keep looking him up on Twitter you are hurting yourself inside? I been over mine and it took me like 5 months. Block him on twitter, and don't look him up on Twitter. You need to distract yourself or something, if he goes to your school act like he doesn't exist, something. You need to cut off whatever contact you have with him, weather it be number delete it. Facebook page, block his page. Go out and meet new people and hang out with your friends. I don't do stuff like that I just go on with my life and move on with my life and talk other people and make other friends.


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  • You haven't talked to him for 3 months. Continue with that and just carry on with your life as normal and you'll be fine.

    • Thanks , do you think he'll talk to me or anything like that? This is the longest we haven't talked and if he does talk do you think bieng rude is the way forward?

    • If he is polite to you then I see no reason why you shouldn't be the same. If you don't want to talk to him you don't have to be rude, just end the conversation with something like "Well, got to go. Have a nice day!" And then you just walk away. He will probably get the point that you are not interested in talking to him.

    • Good one, thank youu :D

  • The only way to show that you are over him, is to in fact be over him. Don't go blast him on Facebook or twitter, that is just childish, and it is making it known that you are NOT in fact over him. Do this, delete him from Facebook, block him on twitter, and delete his number from your phone…if you can do all three of these things in a row with out hesitation, then you are truly over him. There is no reason for you two to be friends, i see that your age is under 18 so i assume you're in high school, and i assume you see him nearly on a daily basis, just ignore him. If he is still on your hook even though he is in a rebound relationship, that means he isn't over you, so just delete him from your life and actually move on.

    • Thanks and no I'm turning 18 December he's 19 and works so I don't ever get to see him but yeah thanks for that!

  • Just don't talk to him. There's no better message than that.


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