I finally found a woman who I can commit to but she Broke it off with me... Can I get her back?

I was in a relationship for a year and a half and 2 months ago my ex broke it off. She broke it off because I was always defensive. I agreed with the break up because she lost the will to be a GF and we would fight a lot. We remained friends until last week.
The friendship was one sided (I was the only one calling/texting and initiating hanging out). A month after the break up she unfriended me on FB. I didn't pay no mind because I figured she would at some point.
Last week everything got to me and I started arguing with her over deleting certain pics I was tagged in. Obviously I wasn't ready for them to go away. She then blocked me from FB and said that I need time to myself to get over the break up.
I agree and started my No Contact period from her. Before I did I asked if we had a chance to get back together in the future, she replied, I can't answer that right now. Im sorry
I want some insight if I am able to get her back after the no contact period. She has been the only woman who can "tame me" I want to commit to her


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  • seems like she needs a tamER... not a tamEE...
    If you can become the tamer, you may have a shot. if not, well, there will be others. There are lots of women who enjoy "taming" guys.


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