I think I might be not over him. Excuse the pun?

SOOOOOO I am 17 and currently single for 1 year and 7 months. My ex still hits me up. I love him, but I need to get over him. I try to act like I do not care about him, by the way I treat him, but in actual fact I still get the butterflies and cannot think straight. We met at a 18th birthday party the saturday. The Sunday we starrted dating. It happend very fast, everyone said so. But we had each others backs. Well.. we ended breaking up 2 months into the relationship, Everyone said "I told you so". But we really believed in eacother and it was "US against the world" You know... To make a long story short, his ex gf was hitting him up while we were in a relationship. She inboxed me telling me that I could never make him feel the way she ever did. Or she would send him "sexy" pictures of herself. I never liked her. 2 weeks ago after not seeing him in MONTHS he comes to my fetch me after school unexpectedly and he knows me so well. I was breathing heavy and could hardly make eye contact with him. I love him so much and I think I would be in a relationship with him, but my parents... They don't want me to date. WHAT should I do? should I tell him how I feel? I need advice. After all we broke up for a reason, but I love him regardless.


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  • Considering you're 17... my advice is to chill out. Let things happen as they will and live your life. Dont get caught up too much in relationships at this point, because young love is fragile and full of drama.


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  • I had a crush on someone for a really long time, and when I was 15, he told me that his family is moving away after a month and he has a crush on me and hopes that I won't forget about him. Then I told him that I have a crush on him for a long time as well. We had a great time on the last one month then he moved away. We thought we can do long distance and will be together forever, but we break up at the end. I never get over him and I really love him. I dated many other guys after him but I just can't stop thinking about him. So when I was 18, I gave up a really really good university offer and go to the university that is 30min away from his house. We got back together but everything is changed... Now we never talk to each other again. I have to admit that deep down I still love him a bit but I know I love him for those good memories we had. Anyways my points are never ever get to your ex. It just never work out. Just move on and meet new people. Going back to ex and think it'll work out this time is the dumbest idea ever.

    • Thank you so much! This has really helped!

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  • Its probably not a good sign that he has only got back with you bc he split up with the other girl. You shouldn't hate her, you should think badly of him for playing you both against each other. What's to say he won't cheat on you again. It wasn't just her 'hitting him up, he was responding to it and encouraging her.
    I hope this doesn't sound harsh, bc you have done nothing wrong! I know it is hard if you really like him but he might not be what's best for you, doesn't sound like he treats you very well. Your parents don't want you to date because they don't want a jerk like him to mess you up yet. Take care.

    • This has been the most helpful! I want blunt and honesty. That's what you gave me. Thank you!

    • That's good I'm glad! :) I know how it feels to really really like someone and think they are worth more than you, but truth is they're not, and you are worth more than someone that messes you around :)

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