PLEASE HELP! What is going on with my ex-boyfriend?

My ex-boyfriend and I had broken up for more than 1 year, we remained friends after a year of the break up and he was playing hot and cold, sometimes he flirted with me and sometimes he just ignored me all of a sudden. What bother me further is that there is likelihood that he is in a gay relationship with his friend, i have asked him for a few times and he had denied it. Now he has ignored me for a month……I still like him and I know that it is time to move on, but I simply want the answer if he is gay or not. What can I do?


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  • Why do you want a answer to know if he's gay or not? IF he's gay than he's over you and doesn't want you around anymore it seems if he's not he's pissed off that you would even ask and doesn't want to talk too you anymore it's one or the other so I think you need to move on and just forget about getting the answer because if he's ignoring you clearly he's not wanting to tell you.


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