Men- how would you perceive a letter from an ex- 5 months later? Help!?

For the past month or two I have been contemplating on writing my letter an ex and attaching an old key fob I have from our old apartment that he still lives in. I figure I may as well attach a note to the key if I'm going to mail it. We broke up in early June but tried to make it work for a month. It didn't go very well. We both made mistakes but I ended up breaking it off because he couldn't control his drinking, which lead to impulsive behavior. Writing girls on Facebook, met up with an ex etc... All things he apologized and promised to change but I could never get over it. His alcohol caused his behavior to become more and more untrusting. Anyways, in the letter I was planning on saying something along the lines of... I truly hope you are well, apologize for the things I have done towards the end of the relationship ( being crazy, yet I've already apologized) and to maybe say something like that I hope we can be in contact one day when we both feel it is the right time.
Guys-- I don't want to sound desperate. I am not asking for him back. I want him to know that I care about him and that I hope we can talk someday. I need to get some opinions, especially from men please.
I don't want to make the wrong choice. I'm unfortunately one of those people that is not okay with "bad blood", but should I just let it go? My heart seems to be telling me to write him. Help!
I meant write my ex a letter *


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  • I really don't think it's the best idea you leave a note or anything if I were you I'd just mail him the fob in a letter addressed to him with nothing in it and just be over with it because the problem is if you get back into his life he might want to get back together or assume he can keep drinking and flirting and stuff and can still have you or he might even be over you and want to keep it that way by keeping you gone.

    I mean as you wrote you tried to make it work and it didn't work I would move on if I were you and be glad you're not dating him anymore because he sounds like someone who didn't care about you while in the relationship so why care for him now he doesn't deserve it and I just don't think it's the best idea because he might assume he's got you and can do whatever he wants.


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  • I've never had these things go well, but just write him.

    Worst comes to worst, it's a shit storm and y'all are already broken up.

    Worse is just spending the rest of your life wishing you'd sent that letter. Plus, the key will be gone so you can't go crazy and burst into the apartment.

    Get all your feelings out and let USPS take care of the rest.

  • If it was me I'd rip up the letter without even reading.

  • he's just mad cuz he can't get another girl or can't move on. Just burn the letter lol


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