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Hi I dated a man for a year the first little while was great then he moved in... he could not afford to pay for much but was willing to pay for groceries for him and his kids. One day my car broke down and I was freaking out about money and things since I was Paying all the bills and with him and his kids my oil and Hydro bill went up. So he made the decision to just pick up and leave and move back to his parents. I took him back a month later figure he was just scared (first relationship since his ex wife that actually lasted ) he was talking to a counsellor and seems to be more stable we started talking about him moving back in... I got sick and needed tests for something serious and I was terrified and just wanted him here with me... he took me wanting him to move in sooner like if I was asking of him something crazy. So he ended things saying that he should not have to prove his love for me? All I wanted was his love and support and to be there for me when I truly needed him. He turned it into a him thing how could I doubt his love and caring for me? While I was the one dealing wih the health implications and being scared. anyway he then proceed to accuse me of being on dating sites a few days after the break up ( I was not ) even if I was he chose to leave me when I needed him ao its non of his business... I just don't understand how a man can say he loves me with all his heart then cast me aside like garbage when I needed him !


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  • Many of today's toms are sporadic, unpredictable and grow Cold duck feet whenever scared or feeling cornered, running quickly back into the murky waters in which they came from. This bird brain is no exception to my golden goose rule, sweetie.
    With him as a nut job, baggage to boot, he was looking for this rebound that he could move in, lock, stock and barrel. You could say you were his Rebound Rebecca. And when the going got rough, the Tough job Got Going and off to mommy's he went to re-cooperate and escape from the pressures of being tied down with all the Redrick.
    And with talking to a professional which he desperately needed, it's Your turn Now to need Not just Professional care of your own but some life support, not just 'Something crazy' like hand out Support and 'Ended things' with his lame duck excuses that don't fly with me one bit.
    One poor excuse right after another is also showing me what a Poorer Excuse he is for not only being a man but a human being with feelings. While you are fighting helplessly on one end with your own scare in life, he is pointing fingers and accusing you Purposely keeping things Popping to Keep himself from feeling guilt ridden for deserting you again, especially in your darkest hour in your whole life.
    Bottom line here is, easy to see, he doesn't want a Real relationship, he doesn't want to be hooked at the hip and is Not ready nor raring to live with anyone but mommy and daddy with a sour divorce, a brew to support and being on this emotional roller coaster, he doesn't want anyone riding his caboose, knowing it's a train wreck just waiting to happen.
    He did you a favor by splitting the scene. It was a given crash the minute you met him and a merry go round that would have spun out of control, breaking the bough and your bond eventually... cradle and crew and all.
    Move on, don't take him back, don't look back. Consider it one of life's little lessons with taking in a loser so fast... Buyer beware...
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you :)

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me to help in this tedious tough love situation... My blessings go out with you... xxoo

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  • He is not to be trusted.


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  • Sorry to hear that but Sounds like he was just using you.

    • Ya that's my thought to !

  • I hope you will someone better Sorry but i think he used you and your money i'm sorry to say that i know it´s awfull to hear can u please Check my question i am confused

  • Hmm... sounds pretty typical to me... you were just being used... he's gotta move on you know shop and drop

    • I would like to be able to think he actually cared at some point but sadly I think you are right !

    • He probably went back to his ex or something or found some other girl that won't treat him right

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