Stress caused him to break up with me-HELP?

We are 21 and 23, in college going to be graduating in May. We have been together for a year and ahalf, nvr had probelms. Always took care of me. Bought me a plane ticket back home when i was homesick from him, took me to work when i needed him too. I went to his house for Christmas break last year. His family adores me and my family feels the same way.
He has been having to talk to counselors about his trauma history as he was in afghanistan, I know this has really upset him, and the loss of a friend on campus this year upset him. He quit the soccer team cause the boys drank and niether one of us do and they never accepted him because of it.

Two days ago he is walking around and is all like Im deplicting the meaning of life. (I knew what that meant-our future, but i nvr said anything). Yesterday he went all around and was trying to find connections for jobs after graduations, after a miserable fail he broke down and was very quiet. didn't even aknowledge my presence in class. Last night he came over and was crying, said it was me it was him. He has been having emotional issues he needs to love himself, he loves me but isn't inlove me. He says that he isn't good enough for me, I like to cuddle and kiss and he pushes me away (hes a typical guy i get it not everyone is as affectionate). But why would he just leave. Is he going to his mancave and coming back? he's so friggin stressed. I dont believe that he said he isn't inlove with me, I really dont I think he was crazy about me. After all the stuff he has ever done for me, and the stuff I've done for him. Weve never fought ever, so easy sailing. I love everythin about him. What happened? Can you interpret?


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  • Your chasing a problem child. You said he was in war. War wrecks a person. Even if you get together it will most likely be up and down like this. Think about finding a guy with less damage. Good luck!


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