Why is my ex still looking at me?

He was with this girl and he was looking at me while with her behind her back... I saw them again one day and he seperayed from her quick and the space between them were
Wide I could of walked between them? What's his problem?


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  • it may look like he is trying to get back with you but i don't think he is. Im guessing the break up was pretty recent and some emotions/acts may not have fizzled out yet. somewhere in his head, you guys are still dating so instinctually when you saw him with that girl and he separated, that was just instinct. seeing ex's after a break up is usually awkward. don't read much into it.

    • The break was not pretty recent...

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    • So it has to be just months for him to look at me?

    • funny thing is that he still notices you and you notice him noticing you. if you guys are the playing the looking game after "more than many months" of break up, something is wrong that you've gotta address lol. maybe like harboring feelings that possibly none of you will act on.

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  • There is only one thing that i wanna mention is that 'he misses u'... NO OTHER REASON like getting back again with u... If he ever cared for u, then he would never have broke up with u :)

  • is he trying to get back to you? looks like.


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