What are your thoughts/opinions on this break up story?

My friend Amy* got dumped by this asshole friend of mine a few days ago, and she's been so upset about it, she's cried multiple times at school.

What happened was... Well, I'll have to start before that. My guy friend Roy* was in this 2-year relationship with this girl named Lana*. Lana* cheated on Roy*, and dumped him.

Roy* had many rebound girlfriends after that, but after a while he got with my friend Amy*, and she was his first serious relationship since Lana*.

Moving on, Amy* and Roy* have been together for a few months. They went to homecoming together, they said "I love you" to each other, and Amy* told me she was in love. But then, Roy* dumped Amy*.

When I went to school the next day after hearing this, Lana*, who I sometimes talk to, comes up to me and tells me that her and Roy* are back together.

So basically, Roy* dumped Amy* to get back together with Lana*.

When Amy* heard about this, she came to me crying. And I told her that she and I are going to have a sleepover, to get her mind off of him.

* Not there real names. c:
One more detail I forgot, she almost over-dosed on sleeping pills because of him.


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  • 2 years is not an easy time to forget. also if you knew he was having rebound girlfriends, why did you let your friend Amy* date him in the first place? you should have seen this coming. Also tell your friend Amy* to give it some time, Karmic justice is going to come back to Roy* because soon, Lana* is going to dump him again. very soon. to be honest the only person with their head above water here is Lana*.. the rest of you, not so much
    You and Amy*--knew he was rebounding and still went with it
    Roy* (the dumbest one of all)--went back to a girl that not only dumped him, but cheated on him first.
    Karma is gonna slap him real good.

    * i just added that cuz it amuses me :)


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  • So basically they both screwed each other over?


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  • Ugh. Well, she's better off without him. Sleepover (and anything else you can to do keep her busy) sounds good!

  • Welcome to the roundabout of love. Please be careful how u get off or you'll get hurt!


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