Regret getting my husbands name tattood on me, should I cover it up or eventually get it removed?

I got my husbands name tattood on my hip two weeks ago to surprise him. He wanted me to get his name for awhile now because he'd thought it'd be sexy, and our new born son has the same name, but after seeing his reaction, I'm starting to regret it. He didn't seem as happy as I thought he'd be and was actually quite surprised. Last night, I started looking up prices for tattoo removal, than worst case scenario I'd cover it up. Although we're on good terms, the last thing that I want is for our relationship to end and I still have his name there. Our son has the same name, but where it's located seems strange to put a child's name.
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I heard the removal is painful


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  • Keep it for now. It's new, maybe he was just shocked you actually did it. See how you both feel in 6 months about it.


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What Guys Said 3

  • Well I dislike tattoos in general, so I would naturally say 'remove it'.

    Also, why do you say you don't want to end up separated with his name tattooed on you? Do you expect to end up separated? If so, why did you marry? :P I just think worrying about separation is something a newlywed couple with a child shouldn't be worrying about, at least under ideal circumstances.

    • Well pretty much EVERYONE makes that comment when I tell them that I have my husbands name on me. We've been going strong so far and just had a little boy, I was just feeling iffy about his reaction.

    • Well then talk to him about it. Communication is the most important thing in a relationship, you can't expect to gauge everything he thinks from his facial expressions every time something comes up. Ask him what he thinks of it, if he thinks you should keep it, and don't mince words. He's your partner for life, if you can't talk to him about these things, who can you talk to?

  • My first rule on tattooing is don't get one lol especially names. Remove it if its the child's name too and in an awkward place then it will look strange

  • That probably won't go over to well


What Girls Said 1

  • Keep the tattoo. He may grow to like it and you've already gone through the expense of getting it. I wouldn't worry about having it removed or covered up unless you were to someday get divorced.


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