Do I have too much hope, or is there a chance?

My ex and I dated for almost 4 years. We moved in together 2.5 months ago, and 2 months ago he broke up with me. We still live together and have to until June at the earliest.
He's been acting like a boyfriend and cuddling, hugging, sleeping, in my bed etc. And I don't get it. I tried talking to him a day ago and I explained I want a new relationship with him, I'm miserable without him, etc. That was the first time he didn't just leave the room when I talked about our break up.
The reason we broke up was I nagged and bitched all the time and he bottled it all up until he exploded. He's not good at communicating and I over communicate.
We planned on spending our lives together, we have the same goals in life and we want to be successful together. But now I don't know what to expect. His mom was telling me to give him time and space, and that now that he knows how I feel he has time to think.
I'm not sure what to do. He acts like my boyfriend, wants to live together next year when our lease is up, and listened of me voice my opinion.
Also, he hasn't deleted pictures of us from aocial networks (some captions are: 'love this girl to death' 'my future wife' 'favourite girl' etc) and he hasn't told his friends. He only told his mom and dad because I asked him to. And he originally wanted a break, but I was desperate and angry and sad so I made him choose between it being over or together. My mistake. What do I do?


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  • I think that his mom has the correct idea, just give him some space and don't get too clingy on him. Once he has been able to get his mind sortet out and thought it all through he'll more than likely come to you with an straight answer.
    What you could do is try to not repeat the same thing and "over communicate" but instead train so you'll be able to talk and hopefully get him into an conversation he is happy with

  • It's not too late to ask for a break, so you can both assess what you think of being apart. It sounds like you committed for a lifetime while still too young... There's no reason to be angry with each other.


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