"Being An Orthodox Essene (branch of Judaism) trough vision and prayer came in contact with a beautiful Islamic-Agnostic woman but made a mistake..."?

So, I have taken a vow upon myself and it is almost been for 5 years, I haven`t been in any kind of physical contact with woman do of the laws concerning modesty, purity, celibacy and chastity. But trough prayer and vision, I was led or this beautiful Agnostic-Muslima came upon my pathway.

We met trough a dating site well know out there called: `POF. com`. It all started with a comment upon the only description she had on her profile, no picture to be begin with and not that much of info besides her age and what she was hoping to find: ` true love, since everybody, this generation is on internet, maybe via internet` that what she was putting out there. So we started sending messages and before you know it I had given her my private number, we texted back and forth for about a couple of days, I had planned a trip and asked of we could better meet in advance or afterwards?

The date was set before the trip, it was a blind date of course, but she did see some pictures of me so for her it was less blind ;-)

The first moment we made eye contact, there was that instant of soul recognition and all that came out of my mouth was: Finally! I could`t stop smiling and I saw her glittering eyes staring right back at me. We had a long conversation on the balcony and at the end of the day all of the sudden we were seated on her bed, she went to make us some veggie noodles. we got intimate and nothing happened because I told her it was wiser to wait, ok. everything went well and ended the day perfect. That weekend after the Sabbath, she discovered some videos of me talking about Islam... so first rejection of intercourse with her, talking about islam in wrong way, ... she broke-up instantly. Did`t even want to talk and told me that I may have felt a connection but she needs much more time to get there and that was it. So will she come back? Second chance or not? I apologised and tried to talk but she kept the door shut. by the way she is Pisces.
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I didn`t go in any detail but I did offer to talk about it so I could explain why I did what I did and I did say straight in her face on the first meeting, that I was wrong to judge people in that manner and that it has nothing to do with the fate but with the person in general, the video was made a few months before and I asked her if I had to delete it and she sed no, but I did erase everything. I told her that if I had to choose between a wrong thought caused by certain narrow-minded people
I used to hang out with or her, the choice was easily made! She was really hurt, chocked because she didn't expect that from me, but her reply was very fanatic and all she wanted to do in return was punish me for my sin? Ok I made a mistake, I took the blame and asked for forgiveness and hoping it would totally end it all that was between us, but she needed time and had a bad feeling about it...


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  • I can't tell you how she will react but I can tell you this... I was raised Muslim and later gave up on it. Now I'm an atheist. Sometimes I still refer to myself as a Muslim. Islamophobia or muslim-hating gets under my skin. My family and the people I love are Muslim so I respect the religion like I respect all the religions of the world.
    Once I dated a Jewish guy, but he was never rude about islam, I don't know how I would react if he was.

    Perhaps she will come back but you need to realise that she had a legitimate reason to get upset. Maybe apologise very sincerely.


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  • Personally i would never trust a follower of Judaism.

    • ;D even not if he follows Yeshua, the Master?

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    • Muslim women are not angels or demons who have fallen from the sky. They are normal women just like anybody else with desires and requirements. What i don't understand is why should anyone bring their faith into question in whatever they do.

    • I wouldn't want to get into a big discussion on muslims issues on gag especially coz its becoming repetitive each and every day.

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  • How could someone be Muslim and agnostic?

    • good point! She told me `I label myself as being agnostic, but been brought up in an Islamic household`

    • She gave the impression she was all open minded and it did`t matter in what you believed or which faith you held... very Universal minded, but after the mistake she became like this fanatic Islamic Fundamentalist, like I turned on her sleeping stove and swoosh, flames raised.

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