How did he just stop caring about me?

So i was with this boy for 8/9 months, met him daily and got messages from him every single day. He was always really sweet and caring towards me and always confessed how much he liked me and I'm the only girl on his mind etc. Then one day (8 months later) everything just changed. the messages stopped and he didn't seem to care as much or make as much effort with me. One week later and i texted him asking what happened us and he didn't really give an explanation but tried to claim how much he likes me and nothing should change. But after that he still hasn't made any effort with me? And now after 8/9 months of us not going with other people I'm pretty sure he's likely went with someone else now. I was always told I'm too "good" for him but i never believed that because in my eyes he was my best fiend and gorgeous and i thought i loved him. We got on so well and he always treated me extremely well so i dont see what happened? What did i do to mess things up? How do i react to this? Am i just suppose to stop caring? To show him that I'm not bothered that he's just messed with my head even though i am? I am bothered.. A lot


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  • well did you even return the favors? if you didn't then I can see why he just stopped after 8 months, but since you never specified I can only ask to verify.

    • Yes i did.. He knew how much i liked him which i admitted daily enough as we jokingly teased eachother about it every day

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    • We did.. We were in a relationship. Things just got messed up along the way

    • oh, it sounded like you two weren't in a relationship. maybe he has lost all hope for you or he found someone else, I can't think of anything else.

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