My Ex Girlfriend still seeing me although she have a new boyfriend?

We we're in relationship for five years, we living together, and we have serious relationship.
We work at the same building just different floor, so I still see her sometimes.
We had really bad break up, she's the one who breaking up with me. She said she feels lonely and neglected because I'm too busy with work.
So we break up and it's been two months since then.
But a few weeks ago she suddenly come to my new apartment, and says she missed me and need me. I got really confuse, I still love her but she got new boyfriend like a week after we broke up, she even turn up at work wearing his shirt, and she still with this guy even until now. I can't mad at her , because somehow I feel guilty for make her feels lonely and neglected and I still love her. I can't tell my friends or her friends about this because I don't want to make her looks bad. Until now she still come to my place whenever she want, we will talk and then she will leave. I kind of feel like she used me..
What she's really want, exactly? Did she still love me or she just want me as her safety net?


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  • I say don't let her come over anymore and avoid her if you can. She seems like the type to use people to get what she wants. I mean she got with a guy barely a week after dropping you. Do you REALLY want to be with that kind of person?

    • This girls right. Mine jumped into a relationship less than a month after leaving, we had five years... she went back and forth because I allowed it and when he dumped her for a hot minute I didn't cut her off and she ran me through it emotionally. She went back to him and 9 months later he's her "first and last love" #fart. Girl has never been single more than a month or 2 since 15... don't fall for the trap man. Cut her off... she'll figure out you don't play that bullshit and get her shit together... or not. Either way you won't get hurt. I don't wish the mistake I made on anyone. It screwed me up more than I deserved for any mistakes I ever made so do yourself a favor and get out there.

    • Some girls are just straight up soulless bitches, I'm sorry both of y'all have to go through this shit. Hope y'all find better women!!

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