I still like my ex boyfriend?

My ex of four years and I broke up 5 months ago (we were seniors in high school when we started dating, we are both 22 now), he started dating the girl he cheated on me with, less than a month after we broke up. I still constantly think about him and still love him. As ridiculous as it sounds I DO want him back but he blocked me on all social medias & he changed his number. And, he still has the $800 puppy I bought him for Christmas. I don't know what to do. The past couple weeks I've been thinking about him more than usual, I think because of the holidays coming up but I'm confused. Please constructive help, no mean things. Thanks


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  • 4 years is a long time if you to get over someone. let me point out a few things that suggest you move on.
    "he started dating the girl he cheated on me with"
    "he blocked me on all social media"
    "he changed his phone number"
    if those three don't suggest Move On, i don't know what will. you are just suffering from the fear of being lonely during the holidays. the past 4 years you have had him, and now out of this fear, you are digging up emotions that really don't exist.
    did you feel like this through out the past 5 months or did just start/get stronger when holidays started coming in?
    also, do you know if the girl he cheated with, knew he was with someone?

    • she is best friends with his friend's ex.. so she knew... and the feelings have been there off and on

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    • what do you mean, your justice? i never got real closure because he moved on so fast and i know thats part of why i feel like i do

    • i meant I've faced Karmic justice before. and whether he moved on fast or slow or whatever, you'd still feel the same way you are now.

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  • he cheated on you.. you should move on.


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