Is my ex bf ever coming back or not?

Okay. Let me start here. My ex bf and i where dating for 4 months. He hired me at my old job. And was always very flirty with me. I didn't pay much attention cause he had a gf. But always tried to catch my attention. He moved to another job and i lost contact with him. We wasn't dating at all. Months passed and i saw him at a get together. I got a little drunk and he was there taking care of me. Paid for my cab home i thought it was great. After that we started talking more. Hanging out and hooking up. He was always a gentle men paid for my cabs home and back. He started calling me his gf. So weeks passed i took him to meet my parents. He was having fun spoke to my parents n told them if he didn't want anything seriouse with me he wouldn't be there speaking to them. He has a 9yr old daugther and i have a 3 yrd old girl with are previous partners. He met mt daugther and was very nice to her , always took care of her she was geting close to him. It was great. Its a crazy turn. We spoke every day he told me what he was doing. Texted me or called me when he was back. It was cute every morning we woke each other up. So the second tine i bought him back to my parents he had more fun we drank he wasn't shy to hold my hand or kiss me in fact he hugged my baby when she was crying. It was great. He slept over and i happen to look threw his phone and saw a message from someone he was talking to. He asked her how she was doing i approached him and he said it was just a friend . Anyways. The next day he. messages me and says thank u baby i had a blast last night your family is great. So i sent him a message and told him i was botherd about the message i saw. And i wanted him to think things over. Cause i was getting attached to him and so was my daughter. He said he was sure of what he wants but the way i act made him doubt being with me. Eventually we spoke at night and he said he thinks were moving too fast. And wanted some time to think i got emotional because i really love
Him. As of that night we didn't talk more until he send me a message saying "goodmorning i hooe your day is going good. I hope you find someone who loves you cause you deserve it have a nice day and good luck". Im soo sad. I dont know exactly if thats it? We haven't spoken for 2 days. I see he online but i dont write to him. What do you guys think
I really dont want to bother asking. I have wassap. And when i do check the times he goes online. he's typing somthing to me. And it says typing but he ends up not sending anything... what do u think


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  • I don't think he's coming back however he seems like a good enough guy that he wants the best for you even if it's not him

    • Im so confused. I have not talked to him at all. We useto break up like this n wish eachother luck and the next day talk. But i dont noe why this time it feel its diffrent cause we haven't contacted eachother. I did notice him trying to talk to me through wassap. Where i saw he was typing and typing but didn't send anything. .

    • I understand there are also times where i feel as though i should text my ex even going far enough to type it out but i think he's putting distance because he understands that he's not good for you no matter how much you want eachother

    • I guess. I called him to see how he was doing. And we spoke for a while. He said he was bot able to contact. me cause his phone craked and he couldnt find my number since the screen was cracked. He aaked for my number and called me from his job phone and we spoke for a hour. He said he was sad and was drinking a lot and that he was depressed. I told him i had his cloths and i told him i wanted to speak to him he said tomorrow hell try to pass by tomorrow. As of that i haven't tried to contact him waiting for him

  • He's done. That said, why not ask him in a mature way? You gain nothing by not trying if done properly.

    • That day we spoke i did ask him. All he said was give me 2 days to think ill call you to see how your doing. He thought it wasn't a bad idea. I honestly first thought he's feeling that way cause with his ex gf hlshe got kicked out and he was forced to be with her cause she had no where to go. And it ended fast. He always told me he wants to take his time and not rush anything. And since he did meet my daughter and my family i thought maybe he thinks im rushing him. I dont know. I hope we do get back. At first i didn't care i was mad. But these days of not talking makes me realize that i do really miss him a lot and care a lot for him.

  • He's not coming back


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