Simple yet complicated? What do I do?

My boyfriend and I moved into our first apartment together 2.5 months ago, and 2 months ago he broke up with me. I was a bitch all the time, and I completely understand why he left me. I've been trying to change what I've done wrong. Anyways, today he deleted most pictures of us off his Facebook profile pictures (the ones with captions like 'future wife' etc.
I don't know how to get him back. I'm so heart broken, and I have changed/am in the process of changing for myself. I tried talking to him and he actually let me without leaving the room, he said he thinks we work better this way and that were both happier this way and i said 'I'm not happier this way, i want us to be able to work through everything' etc. I don't know what to do. I miss him, and I miss everything we had, and would have in the future.


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  • It sounds like he's working really hard at moving on. Also sounds like he's not very interested in giving it a second go... Your best bet may be to get out of that apartment asap and stop seeing him so often, because you're not likely gonna get him back.

    • Well he's still acting all affectionate which is messing with me. And his mom keeps telling me not to give uo, but i can't wait forever. He wants to live together once our lease is up but i can't do that if were not together.

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    • Well how wouldI get him back?

    • You can tell him you want to get back together, but if he's not interested... well, he can do what he wants with his own life :/

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  • This is all part of maturing. You may get him back or may not. Time will tell. One thing is for sure you won't get him back by being the assertive one. Let him go through his process. If he misses you he will contact you. Whatever the outcome you must accept. Meanwhile continue with your life and don't stalk him on social media. It only eats you up.
    Be thankful that you learned that lesson early on.
    You are still young and there are plenty of other fish in the sea.


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  • Work on yourself girl, if you can't be happy by yourself you'll never be happy, trust me just find something to keep your mind off it, go to the gym, work and hangout with friends! Text me if u need to talk 😏


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