I love this guy but I don't get him and how can I get him back?

This guy and I dated for eight years. We broke up due to our parents and the religion being different (it's going to be 2 years since the break up) we were serious enough to get married. He had asked a couple of times informally. Over the course of our break up we kept InTouch and will talk frequently. He usually would be the one to intitate the conversation. In August this year and incident happened and he said we should stop talking to each other. I know he would keep tabs on me through his friends. I went to an event which me and him had met at... That night I got a text from his friend saying he was there too ( which I doubt) our convo needed by him asking me if I had fun because from our pics it looked like I did. A week later my ex calls me asking me if I am dating anyone and tell me he was single too and that he missed the good old days. Rewind three weeks later I decided to call he answered and we talked for a bit he said he would call me later but didn't. So I called him again couple days later he answered and he said the same thing. I don't get this guy if you don't want to be with me then why strike things up. Is he upset that I didn't call him back for three. Weeks and he is just doing the same thing to me? Or has he moved on?


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