Is my ex girlfriend sending me mixed signals and how do I get her back?

My ex and i dated for about a year after she asked me to be her boyfriend. She fell in love with me the moment she saw me and has never felt like this with any of her past boyfriends. We were so in love with eachother, we were perfect together. Her family really liked me too, she was really surprised how good they treated even buying me gifts, which her parents have never done for any of her other boyfriends that she dated longer than me. She broke up me on October 7th because she felt she couldnt make me happy anymore and was getting to stressed over it. I mean with her on October 13th to get my stuff back and she hugged me tightly and we started kissing very deeply. I saw her again on the 18th to get the rest of my stuff, we talked, cuddled, kissed, hugged and had sex for the 3 hours i was there. She told me stuff like she's not sure if we can be bf/gf again, but then maybe 45 minutes later says she knows she wants to be with me but can't right now, she dropped me off at my place and i love you and left. I didn't hear or see from her until 2 weeks after at a party on nov 1. She saw me and smiled and came over to hug me. I saw a few more times through the night she even kissed me on the cheek out of the blue, she told my friend she was happy to me there. She left and texted me 6 times and called twice before i noticed and she said that i was easily the hottest guy there and wanted me to please sleep over and cuddle. I went to her place, and i played a song i made for her and she cried her eyes out saying it was the most beautiful thing she ever heard and said she would fall asleep with a smile on her face listening to it. She said " that im a freind, well more than a friend". She would hug me, kiss my cheeks, my chest and be sexual towards me. I kissed her cheek and she said it felt so nice. We cuddled through the night holding eachother and i left at 1 the next day. She wanted me to text her when i got back and i did.
By the end of it she said if i want to do homework sometime together then to text her and we can. I dont know how good of an idea this is, im not sure what all this means. At the party she always gave me the look that i know so well, the look that tells me that she's still in love with me, i can tell by her eyes and i told her that and she started to tear up a little. I feel that she will never get over me i just dont how to get her back for good. I miss texting her everyday and seeing her


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  • are u going to get back together with her?


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