Would would my Ex do this?

So my ex broke up with me, calling me names, etc. then goes on a tear on social media constantly mentioning it.

Then unblocks me on instagram, let's me know she did unblock me that is. And now its "Not talking to the person you'd talk to daily is hard"

But quickly followed by "just because a relationship is over and you feel like your world is ending doesn't mean happiness isn't coming" like WTF? she broke up with me...
Yeah lol I guess as the party who got broken up with and didn't have any desire to be gone.. You hope for the best, but oh well.

Thanks so much for your advice, I kinda knew the answer you always kinda hope on these threads someones going to be like "omg it means 100% someone actually cares about you" haha


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  • She sounds like a drama queen. I would honestly cut her out. Delete / block her from social media. This will drive her nuts, but she needs to learn not to play childish games.

    • She is. It was a toxic relationship. I guess I'm just wondering what the point is nor that anyone knows for sure lol... I guess it just doesn't make sense I was told to delete her from my life, and then within the past few days unblocked on instagram with tons of posting, maybe 40% about relationships and stuff, and the rest selfies...

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    • When we have problems then a few more passive aggressive jabs at me, and a nice last two message after she said I'm done talking. and no response since. I said I can't ever be ok with someone I love not being around when they're mad or angry we just need to talk things out... Read receipt few days ago nothing but social media posts like above since.

    • And tons of pictures since I always felt it was unnecessary to post with a majority guy fan base, if you're in a happy relationship. And instagram wasn't something she'd use when happy, only when angry, so it always made me a little uneasy when pics were flying in the relationship like they are now.. not that I'd say anything or have.

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  • Honestly. Do yourself a favor and block her on your social medias. Let her say whatever story she wants unless it actually affects your life.
    Even if she's acting this way. She still lost you in the breakup. You were an emotional support system that is now gone, by her choice, and she is still good to miss that. You don't need her instability causing you heartache

    • Thanks man. I'm better I was checking it multiple times a day after, now I've gone a day or two without checking and maybe check it once and then... Still bothers me especially since I was always there you know.

    • I do. It always sucks after having such a strong connection before

    • I mean I don't think our connection was that strong, we're very different. I got connected to her troubled past and really wanting to show her the good in people and that, its ok if you never lose that negativity but that there are some people in this world that won't f* you over... Now I made plenty of mistakes on my own in the relationship I'm no saint. I'd gotten angry over little things, got frustrated etc. but the end result was the same, just trying to have a good life and love and care for someone.

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  • She's wanting it to make it sound like you Broke up with her... She wants sympathy... drama queen

    • Sadly thats what hurts the most... She put something up that said "I just want a loving caring dependable BF" which honestly I'd have quit my job if she said its an emergency and my boss said you can't leave lol.. So things like that just brutal.. Its those little things that kick your butt..

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    • Then I can live with that.. Just want her to be happy, she had a hard life. I had a semi-easy one. As much as she's a PITA and has a terribly negative out look on life, I hope that changes for her.

    • Explains a lot... You can't change what you don't acknowledge so untill she realizes the problem starts with her she'll stay that way

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