Boyfriend and I broke up but are working things out. Please help need advice?

I broke up with my boyfriend 2 3 weeks ago we talked and he said if we can work things out that he would like to be with me. So i guess right now we are friends working on a relationship lately we have just been having casual conversations but that's all. The other day this guy came up to me and we've been talking but I'm pretty sure he's interested in me. I feel guilty for talking to him cause he makes me laugh and he's nice and attractive but ee just talk at school. and if I weren't working on things with my ex i would talk to him. And i just don't know what to do my ex used to make me so happy and i want to work things out bad with him. But he's confusing with his actions and words towards me. Is it wrong to talk to this other guy and would it be wrong to give him my number? Sorry of this is all confusing


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  • I dont see why you can't talk to the guy. Keeping your options open till you know how thing will work out with your ex doent seem like a bad thing to me.


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