Ex deactivating Facebook freqently!?

Ex boyfriend keeps deactivating his Facebook?
My ex and I have broken up a month ago. When we first broke up-after a few days he deactivated his Facebook account. Came back on for a day or two then deactivated it again.. then he got it back 2 weeks later (Seen him back on my friends list, and posting things here and there. Also shows up on my messenger list- that's how i know he keeps deactivating it and reactivating it because he pops up when he's on) It still said he was "In a relationship" And he still has profile pictures of us two together. He kept it for another 2 weeks and now just deactivated it again. Why could he be acting like this? Is it for attention? He could just delete me as a friend or block me but he doesn't he just deactivates it and then comes back on... I don't get it.

I really want to talk to him, I miss him. After our breakup I tried to talk to him but he told me to save it for my next boyfriend.. After that I just left him alone. I haven't talked to him in a month because he didn't want me to bother with him. He's texted me twice checking up on me but I never responded because, well he basically told me he didn't want to talk so I've been leaving him alone. But now he's deactivated his account for the third time. Any thoughts? he's 23 years old.. not 16 (even though he's acting like it lol)


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  • Who ended the relationship

    • i did because he stopped saying he loved me and became very distant with me

  • Who cares Facebook is meaningless.


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