Is it normal for divorcees to talk about the divorce sometimes but not trash their ex?

Boyfriend has been divorced for almost 4 year. He wanted the divorce because he married his ex too young, he said she had some mental/psychological problems that he didn't know when they got married and she couldn't take care of things well and they both had poor communication and couldn't make each other happy.

They got married VERY young.

He does not call her crazy or psycho or bad things. He doesn't trash her. But from time to time he will tell me he was not happy in his marriage.

He talks about what is important to him in a relationship and will say things that were missing in his marriage that are important for him to find in a new partner. He does not blame her, he explains why he contributed to the marriage not working as well.

He has been in other relationships after his marriage. Says he wants to get married and his intent with dating me is ultimately marriage if things work out with us.


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  • This is a good sign. It shows that he has tried to learn from past mistakes and solve problems instead of blaming it all on her. He's taking responsibility, while being honest about what went wrong. He sounds like a good man. Because if a guy talks trash about all of his exes, all it does is show you how he will talk about you if things don't work out.
    This is common behavior of a good man


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  • I seldom talk badly about the ex. We are on good terms. Still friends, just better off as friends than married.


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  • Why does someone have to trash their ex? Only shitty people do that, you loved and ex for a reason so there's no need for that.

  • Yes, that just means he is mature and has no ill will. Why is that a bad thing?


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