Is he just giving me time to get sorted?

Hi fairly new on here and asked the question the other day, thanks so much to those who answered and read my post. It was saying I'm married but very unhappy and my boss/ consultant at work (been divorced a year) kept flirting with me, I asked him out he said an affair not a good idea as can complicate a divorce and to sort stuff out first then and then kept stopping the conversation. I can't stop thinking about him and not seen him for 3 weeks now after telling him a white lie saying me and hubby broke up when he asked if I was free and single then! My question is was him saying not till basically I sort stuff out at home was that just nicely saying no thanks or was it more? He's emailed me x3 asking how I am and he asked how things were when I last saw him, I didn't bring it up again. What should I do now? My job has changed so won't see him through work and he lives a good hour away from me. Feel like I can't leave hubby but so fed up and have been for 2 years now we have a 6 year old also and feel terrible any advice greatly received! Thanks for reading.
Why didn't he answer my text asking him out either? I text on Friday and heard nothing and got an email on Monday morning asking if I was ok and could he have some letters he 'needed!' I didn't put my name on text as could have been his work phone but put my initial and made it fairly clear to him it was from me. Really really want to ring him today someone please help and stop me. He also had said before at work when discussing prob 'sounds like u need to have an affair' did I scare him?


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  • He's right, a divorce can get complicated if you've been cheating on your husband. He was looking after your best interests.

    If you don't want a divorce, and just want an affair, you can either come clean - or lie to him. You'll have to take your choice there.

    If you want him, pursue him.

    • Don't think he's the sort to have an affair after he said wasn't a good idea, how can I ask him out again, he is a consultant I'm just a secretary surely I should wait and see if he asks me?

    • You could wait. But that's also a recipe for not getting any action.

      Yes, you're just a secretary. But guys don't care about status or anything, they care about looks and willingness.

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