I fell in love and I think she got scared?

My story is long but I have to keep it short.

I had a date with a girl last year. One time. This year she contacted me. We went out again. She pursued me. Asked me out on dates before our dates were over. I was living in another city. She asked if I would move closer to her. I ended up doing that. We did everything together. We're more than compatible. All this happened within a month. I know, way too fast. But it felt right and we both acknowledged this.

For our "monthiversary" as she put it I planned to tell her I had serious feelings for her. That night was weird though so I didn't. It was awkward. Two days later she broke up with me. "It wasn't going anywhere". Then there were two other reasons the next day. I went 3 days without talking to her. Then I went for a run and ended up at her door. I told her that I think we *WERE* going somewhere and that we should talk. She planned 2 days from then to go to dinner. The day of dinner she said it wasn't a good idea. I told her I just wanted to hear her out and listen and understand what was wrong. She said it wouldn't help. I told her that I was going to tell her I was falling in love with her on our monthiversary. She said ok we can have dinner but it won't change anything.

She told me she broke up with me because I was forgetting things, I didn't hold onto the cart at the grocery store, that I seemed insulted to accept financial help from my mother (i had just spent $5,000 moving to be with her), and that she was upset I was always trying to hide the tattoo of my exwife's name, she wasn't bothered by it.

She then said I should delete her from my life. She blocked me on Facebook and told me to delete her phone number. I haven't spoken to her in 5 days now. A lot of people are telling me not to give up, others are saying she isn't worth it.

I love her though. I truly do. I don't want to scare her more though.

How should I try to have her realize we are good together after all?


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  • Wow, no offense but she seems very controlling and demeaning. To be very honest with you, from the way you described your situation, seems to me that you dodged a bullet. You can do much better


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