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I lost my last ex after i tried to get emotional support from her. I thought things were great but during the break up she said she was happier then she's ever been and from what people tell me she seems over the moon since then. does that make me a terrible boyfriend if she's happier without me?


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  • Absolutely not. Don't say you were a bad boyfriend just because she seems ok with it. Best thing is to try and move on and find a nice girl who will give you support when you need it. If anything she was a bad girlfriend for ditching you when you needed her.


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  • It doesn't make you a bad person it's just she's at the moment in her life when she wants something diffrent if she seems to have absolutely moved on than give her her space. I'm going through a situation in which my ex bf tells me he's more happy now but yet when we are around he cnt seem to not hold me kiss me so to me it's just his front for his insecurity

    • i'm sorry to hear about that it must be difficult

    • It is very difficult when someone you love gave you his everything and believes you are also the one who hurt him the most. However, It was never my intention to hurt him

    • I understand it's close to the same in mine i really thought i was doing great but she's happier now. If it makes you feel any better mines made it a habit of destroying my life ever sense we broke up

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