I dont know what going on or whats going to happen?

my girlfriend and i of 3 years just broke up. she broke up with me because she started realizing that i wasn't there for her when she needed me. i was out partying and all. we have never cheated been completely faithful for the past 3 years. but through out these 3 years i was always worried that she would turn into a hoe if we broke up so i always told her not to be one. i looked out for her. the last maybe 9 month we have been arguing a lot. on how we don't trust each other out with friends because we always thought one of us would cheat. so for 3 years we would text when she was in school and we would text if i was working. but on our free time we would always be on the phone 24/7 for 3 years straight. not literately. she told me she realized that she was 17 and i'm 19 and that she wants to go out with her friends and party and do her thing. i pierced her tongue, nose, nipples, septum and tells me she isn't a hoe. she tells me she still wants to be in my life because we are like basically best friends and she says she doesn't want to loose me. we stopped falling asleep on the phone. we stopped calling each other baby. when we try to talk about us seeing new people neither of us can stand thinking about it. last night i went out with a guy friend and i didn't tell her i was going out but when she called me and realized i wasn't at home she started getting mad and asking me who im with. these mixed signals are really messing with my head. everyone tells me to just let her go but for some reason inside me i feel like all this can be fixed. i know i have put her through a lot but does that really mean we have to end. I've been really down lately and haven't been eating. been so depressed. thanks for reading.
so how do you gain trust? like hows it work. its not my first relationship but its the first one I've taken this serious.


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  • So, getting piercings makes someone a hoe? Wow.

    I think a clean break is in order here. It's never going to work, you don't trust each other.


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  • If you've broken up, you need to stick with no contact. All you are doing is ripping the scab off the wound every time you talk to her. This is a long relationship and is going to be painful for you to get over. Allow yourself the time to grieve, but try not to let your grief consume you. Focus on other areas of your life, now. It will get better.


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