What were some 'famous last words' you have heard that caused an argument or break-up?

Who said them? You, the other party, or did you just hear about it from someone?


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  • "It's too late to try"
    "I'm pregnant"
    "I'm actually gay"


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  • The evening I asked her "How will you be when you're 45, do you think" she answered "I'll be a classy lady"
    (after she had cheated twice on me... LOL) I knew we wouldn't stay together.

    Since I liked her (she looked very good) then I didn't say anything, gave her another chance. Low and behold, she did it a third time and got in real BIG trouble from it (bigger than you imagine).
    For old times' sake and because I'm not cruel I helped her out but just waited until the next guy passed and I let her go. I hadn't to wait a long time. She didn't suspect I was just waiting for that. No drama thus.

    "A classy lady"...



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