How can I comfort my male friend after a terrible breakup?

i have this friend who had a girlfriend for 6 years
they were so good together! he loved her. he did everything for her and after 6 years she turned out to be a cheater
he's been crying over the past 3 months
getting drunk every night
to be honest i really have no idea how to comfort him
cause it wasn't a short time relationship
they practically lived together!
so please tell me how to help him
he's really heartbroken. i neeeed to help him
he needs to be helped
i don't want him to become a player


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  • Just be there to listen to him. And encourage him to start focusing on himself.


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  • Try to comfort him by telling everything happens for a reason :)
    And always be there for him if he feel lonely

  • Suck his dick.


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