Girlfriend wants to try again later because she's too busy?

My recent girlfriend of 1 and a half years said that she was too busy with school and would only see me maybe once a week and said it wouldn't be fair to me. I wasn't happy that she was showing me a lot less attention. She said that I could date other girls and maybe I will find someone who has more time that she can't give and that maybe we could try again in four months if I'm still available, but said that it would be selfish of her to tell me to wait and then end up being busy with an equally bad or worse school schedule at that time.

I blocked her on Facebook to gather my emotions, and I haven't talked to her for three weeks, but I am thinking about talking to her again. Not to beg for her back, but just to be in touch so that we can reassess in the future. She has deleted all of my friends and family from social media so I can tell she is hurt and mad. I feel like a jerk for not being more supportive, and now I can stand on my own two feet without her, so I could probably deal with it better in the future. I don't want to get false hopes though. What should I do?


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  • I think you should send her a message or text telling her that you are sorry about how things ended. Say that she still means a lot to you and that you still want her in your life and be friends. But mention that you totally understand if she doesn't want to talk you again. This will make you sound understanding and caring, but not pushy. Good luck!

    • Maybe I could do that and see how it works. Not be too close of a friend, but someone who is still somewhat around and she can come back to me later if she wants.

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